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EGYPTO Co. provides a wide range of products to meet the needs of every customer. From initial design to final quality assurance processes, we make sure our goods are reliable and exceptional. We’re proud to be one of the best-known names in the industry. Get in touch to see how you can benefit from our products.

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"Most luxurious wood flooring supplier in Egypt."

For years, we’ve been proud to be recognized as the leader in our industry. To stay on top, we’ve worked with various field professionals to make sure everything we produce represents the quality and responsible manufacturing process we believe in.

It is nothing less than an absolute honor, and I must admit it took me aback. 

I would like to duty recognize  my entire team on whom my success rides. 

Maurice Anis Wahba 

Founder & CEO of Egypto Co. 

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We hold ourselves up to the highest of standards, and have been part of this industry since 1985. We have an immense amount of knowledge from years of experience as a Wood Manufacturer, and continue to expand our practices each and every day. We supply many local and global companies with a variety of innovative products, created with the greatest degree of precision and care.

Mission: It is our goal to provide innovative flooring solutions to clients looking for quality, professionalism, and expertise within the flooring industry. We are devoted to high standards of client care and will exceed your expectation of quality product flooring, expertise, delivery, and installation as we aim to

provide an excellent customer service experience.

Vission: Our vision is to be the best Parquet company in Egypt. We promise our customers and suppliers that we will build relationships with them and offer value through experience, integrity, and hard work on their behalf. The greatest compliment they can pay us in return is a recommendation to their own friends.

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Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Managing Partner


Managing Partner

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Our company offers an exotic wide collection of real natural wood flooring. They are known for their high quality, elegance, and lasting durability. All of our products are carefully selected and manufactured by the best wood flooring producers in the world. Each real wood floor is totally individual and lasts for many years. Our collection includes Solid wood floorings, Engineered wood floorings. We also offer an exquisite collection for your outdoor spaces. Every product comes in its unique shapes, sizes, patterns, and finishes. From natural, brushed or even hand-scraped wood, we guarantee you will find various colors and different styles from which you can choose. Enjoy the genuine look you can add to your home.

If you can't find what you are looking for in the below pictures or if you have any questions; do not hesitate to contact us.

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Walnut Chevron

Exquisitely crafted and beautiful to look at, this Engineered Walnut Chevron gives a great modern twist to the classic herringbone look. Sometimes referred to as Hungarian Point Herringbone, Chevron has been around for many years but has recently become hugely popular choice among parquet blocks.

The real beauty of Chevron flooring comes from viewing the parquet from varying angles. As the grain runs at a 45° degree angle between the left and right pieces, the woods natural grain pattern reflects the light slightly differently from each creating a stunning multi-shaded look to the floor.

The Walnut itself is a truly outstanding wood.

Walnut tends to have a great marble effect grain made up of varying tones of browns, reds and blacks. When first installed, the walnut has a mid-brown colour only advancing to a beautiful red hue with age and exposure to natural UV light.

Palm Hills, Cairo, Egypt 



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Solid wood is lumber that has been milled directly from trees. Other types of wood, such as plywood, medium-density fiberboard or veneers, are manufactured from wood composites. Solid wood is wood that has been cut from a tree. It does not warp as easily as many engineered wood, but it is more susceptible to stains.

Palm Hills, October. 




The Ipe Wood is produced with origin controlled exotic woods, with the highest calibre of European engineering, Egypto Co. decking is the ideal solution for your space, providing class, comfort and durability.

Ipe Wood structures are hard, strong, and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects. It is almost twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder. 

Ipe Wood Lumber is used for decking and other outdoor applications like furniture, siding, and fencing. It has an extremely long life in the outdoors. It can last up to 75 years and will last more than 40years  in almost all applications. That is 4-7 times as long as most pressure treated woods. If you want to build something to last for a long time, Ipe is an excellent choice.

With a wide range of profiles, it’s easy to find your own style among the several options offered for exterior Decking, for small terraces or big outdoor areas.

Mirage City, Cairo, Eg




Engineered Oak  is a real bonus for anyone who is seeking oak flooring but needs a solution that will stand up to temperature and moisture fluctuations, or will work over under floor heating.  Thanks to its clever construction, engineered wood flooring doesn’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood flooring.

Made up of layers of ply that are bonded together to create a really strong core board, engineered flooring’s really special feature is the fact that it’s topped off with solid oak, making the end result look just like solid wood.

Good People Office, SODIC.


Since 1985, we have been proudly achieving success by working with some of Egypt's most prestigious top companies. EGYPTO company has partnered with some of Egypt’s most reputable firms to provide them with a wide variety of their flooring needs.

Below are some of the projects, companies, and residential homes that EGYPTO has worked with.

Download the Company Profile to view all our work.

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November, 04 2020

Egypto Co.  just got featured at @nichemagazineegy in their latest issue. Check it out and learn more about us.

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Our company offers an exotic wide collection of real natural wood. they are known for their high quality, elegance, and lasting durability. All of our products are carefully selected and manufactured by the best wood flooring producers in the world. Each real wood floor is completely individual and can last for many years. Every product comes in its unique shapes, sizes, patterns, and finishes. From natural, brushed or even hand scraped. So enjoy the truly genuine look that you can add to your home.

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Interested in placing an order or learning more? Simply reach out today.

1127 Cornish El Nile, Maspiro, Cairo, EG, 11111

+202 257 69972

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